caught up in your love affair (Blam fic, rated T, 7.8k words)


This was written for the wonderful gravesouls as a gift for her donation to my fundraising efforts for the Walk to End Alzheimer’s in September. I hope you enjoy, Bobbie!

Blaine had always thought that, if he and Sam were ever to actually start dating, they would be perfect together.

That may have been what started the whole crush thing in high school. With Sam, he was able to show a side of himself that he’d never really shown Kurt, or his friends at Dalton, or anyone at McKinley, really. And he was able to show the nerdy-playful side of himself because Sam was interested in those things too

And what was even better, in Blaine’s opinion, was how comfortable he and Sam were together. Even when they were just friends, for years he knew that he could casually lean against Sam’s shoulder if he needed that small comfort. They could share a chair when there wasn’t enough space, and Sam wouldn’t bat an eye. Whenever one of them was upset about the shit life threw at them, or over the moon about something actually going right, the other was waiting right there with a warm embrace. And not only that, but Blaine found it incredibly easy to share whatever was on his mind - and, if he didn’t, Sam had likely already figured it out anyway.

Blaine had always assumed that he and Sam would be a kind of poster couple, being President and First Man, Batman and Robin, the kind of couple that would be on the poster of a magazine (Sam had once called them Brad and Angelina, but Blaine wasn’t sure he could go that far). He thought that they would be that couple that everyone else was suspicious of, because they were a little too perfect.

And that’s not to say that they don’t work together. They work really, really well together. Blaine still fits perfectly in Sam’s arms, and he can usually guess what Sam wants for dinner before he even thinks it, and Sam still insists that they break out their crime fighting special skills, though on a smaller scale so they won’t get weird looks on the streets of New York.

But perfect? Perfect they are not. 

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the end of history as we know (glee | blaine/sam)


title: the end of history as we know
fandom: glee
pairing: blaine/sam
rating: pg-13
words: ~4.988
summary: sam evans is the newest cast member of hit teen show new directions.
a/n: for BLAM WEEK 2014, day 3: famous fic.


haven’t seen the best of us yet (glee | sam/blaine)


title: haven’t seen the best of us yet
fandom: glee
pairing: sam/blaine (canon kurt/blaine)
rating: pg-13
words: ~2.640
summary: nothing stays a secret in glee club, except the things that apparently do.


» comfort food


  • Pairing: starts out with Klaine, ends with Blam
  • Rating: light M
  • Warnings: trigger warning for eating disorder stuff. also has some sexy stuff near the end but it’s not very explicit and doesn’t get detailed.
  • Notes: this is more or less a reaction fic to the binge…

Because if there’s one thing I’ve learned, you can’t just sit around waiting for the good things in life to come to you. You need to kick down some doors and make them happen. This is Sam Evans like we’ve never seen before. Here I come, New York City.

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